There are not many more stressful things to do than moving house. Moving home with kids is far harder, particularly if they are small and do not understand what’s going on. You will need to plan very carefully how you are to do this. Here are some tips that might help.

TALK TO THEM – Get them involved in the process. It is likely that they will have seen their new home. Get them to chose their room(s). Visit the house or area as often as possible so they can familiarise themselves.

MOVING DAY – Depending on their age they may be big enough to help. If they are not then you may ask a relative or friend to look after them for the day or ask that person to look after them at the new home and involve them in organising where the items will go.

MAKE A BOX FOR EACH CHILD to put their night things in and anything really special to them and get them to label the box themselves and decorate it so it is easily found. Possibly take the boxes they have in your car. Unpack those as priority. They need to feel at home as soon as possible.

GET A TAKEAWAY for supper – they will love that. Nobody can cook on moving day!

If you cannot take it all we can store it securely until you need it! Secure Self Storage Units available in various sizes for various lengths of time. We have your storage solutions and can organise packing materials and shelving for your unit if required.