Archive File Storage

In our temperature and humidity controlled environment you can store paperwork, files and and documents in clean, dry, secure units. The building’s temperature is controlled by a biomass boiler housed in another building on site and fans within the building remove any moisture build up and keep the air fresh and so dealing with any archives can be done in a light and comfortable environment.

Archive file storage for business

Your paper files should come out of the building as it went in, keeping the integrity of the documents you need to store.  You can store records, archives, financial documents and files for businesses for any period of time. Archive file storage is ideal as a solution for solicitors, accountants and other professionals who are required to keep their files for statutory periods for audit. Our archive file storage is also ideal for individuals needing to keep bank statements or tax records.

Shelving units for archive file storage can also be ordered by prior arrangement and at an extra charge. There are trolleys on site that you can use to move heavy filing cabinets or storage boxes from your vehicle to your self storage unit.

Our self storage units and containers are all housed inside heated buildings are dry and secure and your archive files can be accessed in opening hours 7 days a week. These individual containers and units are kept at a constant temperature so there is minimal possibility of condensation affecting the integrity of your documents.  Regular visits from a local pest control company keep smaller unwanted visitors away.  These are ideal for old files, paper storage, archives and photographs and other important documents.