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You may have very little to store and wonder “Do Woodlands deal with little storage or for short periods of time?” or you may be involved in an office re-location with loads to store and be thinking “will Woodlands help with this much?”. The answer to both is almost certainly “Yes” but the best thing to do is call us for a chat or come and see us. We’ll tell you a little about the options we can offer and give you the help you need to make the best decisions about your storage solutions. If you call ahead we suggest that a site visit would be very helpful for you to assess the size of unit you might need. Some of our units are small and so more economical for you if you only have a few precious items to store. Generally we insist that storage be for a minimum period of a month but we always try to accommodate whatever your storage needs might be. Please phone ahead or email us on to arrange a time to come and see us to see what we are about.

We look forward to hearing from you. Come and see how our heated self storage differs from what you might imagine.

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